“Take Down” in classic English style allows dissassembling for easy transport. The heart of this rifle is a newly manufactured Mauser 98-type Take Down action, which we offer in three sizes of short, standard or magnum. A must have for any connoisseur of weapons. Hammered barrel made by the the famous Heym production and absolute perfection in every detail make this weapon an outstanding masterpiece. Tailored to your needs, this rifle will fit you like a glove. All rifles could be disassembled without tools. We will meet all your demands for caliber, two barrel sets and special configuration. On request a special handmade custom aluminum case is available as an optional extra.

Standard equipment:

  • Finely adjustable single stage trigger
  • Three-position safety on the side
  • Eroded pivot mount
  • Barrel with sling swivels and frontsight ring and base
  • Custom-made stock of walnut wood, Holland & Holland style with metal pistol grip cap and ebony forend tip, Old English recoil cap and high gloss finish
  • Manufacturer’s name, caliber and serial number hand-engraved


  • Three-part trapeze thread for faster dissassembling
  • Two barrel set
  • Extended top strap and trigger guard
  • Barrel with quarter rib
  • Rigby Diopter
  • Holland & Holland Express sights
  • Holland & Holland Folding sight
  • Leather-covered butt plate in pig-, shark- or elephant-skin
  • Stock-wood upgrade
  • Manufacturer’s name, caliber and serial number inlaid in gold
  • Personal monogram
  • Custom engraving
  • System parts blued or color hardened